Monday, July 9, 2012


    Through the winding hills and small towns of Arkansas we traveled. It was the regular group of college friends off on another adventure, It was a nice cool spring morning as we arrived at the entrance of the trail (Which looked like something straight out of Lord of the Rings film). After stretching for a bit we set out into the wild. At first the path winded through woods, down some hills and had some normal scenery until we reached the cliffs! It seemed as if God himself had reached down and taken a block of earth from Arkansas and we were standing at the edge of it (Kinda like Minecraft). We decided we wanted to see what was at the bottom of one of these cliffs so we made are way down one by one to find what was like a mini cavern (complete with mini waterfall). 
    Some of us carved are names into the cool rock and looked out from are small rocky shelter, after a while of contemplating life we climbed back up and set out again. As we got further and further into the  path realized that the rocks and some of the trees were growing bigger! So what did we do? we climbed them. looking out from on top of the massive craters we took some pictures and got some great views of Arkansas country, then we set out again. What we found next left us all in amazement!
   Through the trees and in the distance we saw it, a massive cliff lunging out of the side of the woods and hanging over nothing but air. The cliff was almost an exact replica of "Pride Rock" from "The Lion King"! We all rain up the path trying to get the cliff. It was incredible we stood out on edge of it catching powerful and cool breeze of Arkansas air. You could see everything from that cliff, hawks flew literally right in front of you, and it seemed like you could see to the ends of the earth. We walked the cliff a bit got comfortable and eat lunch (there is nothing more satisfying then a Peanut butter and Jelly on a cliff.) After are discovery we headed back with are stories and are memories.
    The cliff is an amazing sight and can be found in Hot Springs National Park. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


       It was a normal day going into my theater class, when I was approached by one of my friends who shaked my hand and told me to have fun. I looked down in my hand and there was a Wiz Khalifa ticket!! He had come to perform at my campus one night only and it was a sold out show! I felt like Charlie from Willy Wonka with the golden ticket! I thanked him tones and after class went back to the room to learn up on this rapper Wiz Khalifa! After listening to a bit of his music (Which was awesome!!) I went to learn about the rapper himself.
Notorious for being a supporter of marijuana and parting it appeared that this concert was going to be a wild one. Later that day I got to the college arena early so I could get a good spot, as me and some friends waited I noticed one by one more and more police and body guards beginning to appear, followed by signs being put up stating, "everyone subject to pat downs". The police were ready for anything and I was beginning to think I should be to. after the gates opened I made it front row at the concert and couldn't wait for the show to begin! a few hours of waiting and the lights faded for the first act called "Deans List" they were an incredible rap group and there music had everyone dancing but then things got interesting. The group had a slow song and asked everyone to put there phones up or lighters for the song, I turned to find ALL LIGHTERS.
       At this point it doesn't take a genius to realize people had weed! The final act ended and then it was time for Wiz Khalifa when he came out the crowd went wild! everyone screaming his name and pushing there way to get a glimpse of the legend but there was another thing. As soon as the first song started my friend told me to turn around and look, what I saw was the biggest and darkest cloud of marijuana I had ever seen and it was coming are way!!! It hit us like a dust storm and we were shocked by the clouds of it that kept coming in!! by the end of the show we all reeked of it!
       As we left we decided we hadn't had enough, so we changed clothes and made are way to the club, on the way we ran into the opening act "Dean's list" and then made are way to the club. We got there people were dancing and going crazy(apparently having the same idea as us!) I met a guy named Tyler there, now Tyler was one of the best break dancers I had ever seen so we go out to the dance floor and begin taking turns show are moves! Slowly one by one more and more break dancers begin to appear with in 15 minutes we had five different dancers and the club had made a circle to watch the show we were putting on!
ImageAfter about 20 minutes of this my friends decided to look for some girls to dance with and they succeeded! I having a girlfriend decided it was time to go. On the walk back it was 3: 30 in the morning and I just stopped in the middle of the cold dimly lit street and looked around. This was life. New experiences, exploring, and simply living for the moment. I made it back to my bed and after telling the room mate about the adventure I passed out from exhaustion